marine liability insurance

Marine Liability Insurance

Flexible and competitive solutions

Names offers a comprehensive cover for marine liability to the marine and transport sectors.
Responding to the multitude of liability risks faced by shippers and marine operators globally, we have the experience to work closely with risk managers and brokers to build solutions matching these complex marine liability insurance needs. In addition, we give response to quotation requests within a period of 24/48 hours, so that our brokers are always the first ones to get our best quotation. Due to our ability and knowledge of the product and the flexibility of our solutions, we offer the most competitive terms of the market.

What do we cover?

Equipment Insurance:

  1. Protection of owned or rented equipment.

Third Party Liability Insurance:

  1. Insured’s liability protection against claims from third parties for physical damages and personal injuries, death or disability.

  2. Consequential losses arising from the above.

Cargo Liability:

  1. Indemnify the insured for damage to cargo.

  2. Consequential losses arising from damage to cargo.

Error and Omissions Insurance:

  1. Coverage for liability arising from claims for negligent acts, errors or omissions, including pollution coverage.

  2. Costs for reshipment of cargo incorrectly sent.

Costs and Expenses:

  1. Costs and expenses incurred by Insured, including legal fees, in order to minimize a claim or prevent a potential claim, subject to the prior approval of the Insurer.

  2. Fines and penalties.

  3. The costs of cargo destruction and / or debris removal equipment.

  4. General Average or Salvage guarantees.

This product is suitable for:

Freight Forwarders/NVOC.

Multimodal transport operators.

Logistic Operators.


Port authorities.

Terminal Operators.




Loss Adjusters.

Logistic Operators.

Pilotage services.

Marine inspectors and surveyors.

Naval engineers.

Bunker Brokers.

Classification Societies.

Managers/operators of vessels and/or crews.

Charter agents.

Ship agents.

Custom agents.

Agents of Lloyd’s.

Ship brokers.

Shipping registers.

What can we offer you?

Our conditions are transparent and complete.

Worldwide scope.

Extensive and flexible range of cover, tailor-made for our clients.

Immediate responses to our client’s enquiries.

Professional and efficient management of risks.