cargo insurance

Cargo Insurance

In compliance with Lloyd's standards

Names has a product covering damages to the goods suffered during the transport designed for all kind of companies, either cargo owners, shippers or other professions (freight forwarders, carriers, etc). We can also offer stay cover related to the transport. We offer highly competitive and innovative products, while having a quick, simple and straightforward complaint handling procedure, managed by a group of professional experts. We are supported by the financial solvency of Lloyd’s, the strongest and most experienced company in the insurance industry.

What do we cover?

Risk of loss and/or damage to goods:

  1. Protection of the cargo against damages that may occur during maritime or multimodal transportation.

Costs associated with damages to goods:

  1. Survey services, always carried out by first class and expert firms.

  2. Legal and consulting services related to a claim.

  3. Destruction costs.

Stay risks:

  1. Protection of the goods for stays of up to twelve months, particularly important when it comes to frozen cargo.

This product is suitable for:

Our Cargo insurance is designed to those companies who have an interest in a cargo which is being transported which includes a cargo owner, a shipper, a carrier and even a freight forwarder.

What can we offer you?

Our conditions are transparent and complete.

Worldwide scope.

Extensive and flexible range of cover, tailor-made for our clients.

Immediate responses to our client’s enquiries.

Professional and efficient management of risks.