Lloyd’s is the world’s specialist insurance market. Unlike many other insurance brands, Lloyd’s is not a company; it’s a market where our members join together as syndicates to insure risks. Lloyd’s is specialist in the fields of Transports, Property and Marine Liability, which constitute its main activity. What started 300 years ago in Edward Lloyd’s coffee, a place where ship-owners could meet with people who have the necessary capital to insure them, has finally become to the undisputed worldwide leader in property and casualty specialized insurance.

Defence of the insured

With Names, you will obtain absolutely the same protection and rights than you would get with Lloyd’s. Clients insuring their risks through a Coverholder duly authorised by the DGS (Dirección General del Seguro) and registered in the “Registro Administrativo de las Agencias de Suscripción” enjoy the same protection and rights as those contracting directly with the insurer.

A safe value

Lloyd’s gets the best quality ratings:

What can we offer to you?

The broad experience of Lloyd’s enables us to offer:

  1. Wide and diversified cover;
  2. High underwriting capacity;
  3. Flexibility, development of tailor-made solutions;
  4. Competitiveness;
  5. Qualified claims handling;
  6. Innovation

The essence of Names

We go straight to the point. We just work along with brokers, offering them the most appropriate solutions. Names can offer to brokers the way to access to the Lloyd’s products with the advantage that all the underwriting operations, policies issue, collection of premiums and claims handling is done locally.

Our team

Our team is formed by highly qualified and experienced people in the Transport and Marine Liability insurance industry, which allow us to provide a personalised and fully committed service, with the maximum agility in the communication with our brokers.